I am a sociologist.  I taught for several years at Missouri State University but then decided that I would rather pursue social and policy research.  So an associate and I set up the Institute of Applied Research in St. Louis where we have conducted research and evaluation studies in several Midwestern states in employment and training programs, programs and organizations for the developmentally disabled, child care/daycare, and other areas.  For the past few years we have specialized primarily in the two areas-child welfare programs and treatment (drug and mental health) courts.  I was born in Edmond, Oklahoma and lived my early years in the little town of Luther.  Luther had a population of 400 to 500 people with perhaps an equal number people on farms in the surrounding area.  I started my later education at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater in mathematics.  I did very well in school but after some time, I decided that I wanted to live a religious life and joined the Benedictine monastery of St. Gregory’s Abbey in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  While there, I completed my education with degrees in philosophy and theology.  After several years, I left the monastery.  I attended St. Louis University, where I received my PhD in sociology.  While at SLU I met my wife Debbie.  We married and had two sons, Jamil and Marcus.  I have maintained an ongoing interest in many areas.  I read and have read voraciously and intend to write short essays for this blog in many areas, with a primary emphasis on science in the broadest sense of that term to include philosophy, social science and religious studies.  However, I also intend to write about my parents and grandparents and the town where I grew up.

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